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'I'm flattered that she is doing a tribute to me

and I'm hearing great things about her' - Shania Twain


'Donna Huber as Shania Twin really is one of the very best acts in the tribute world! Donna brings every element to the stage - the amazing voice, the beautiful looks, and an effervescent personality! She's amazing!'

'Donna as a solo show of Shania Twin or as part of Vegas Country gives an awesome performance every time. She’s great to work with and a consummate professional. Her quick response and positive demeanor is always a pleasure.'

'I thought that was me for a moment...she's the best one' - Shania Twain

'An outstanding performance'... 'We love it when she comes here'...'A first class act'...'She is as close as it gets to the real Shania'...'What a spectacular entertainer!'...'We had to get her back right away'...'Almost makes me want to start working out and going to the gym'...'We can't wait for her to book again so we can bring a bunch more people'

'Every year I ask the people what they want. They always say Shania Twin. She's become family. I can't imagine hosting my event without Donna. I get her every year!'

'The audience was so excited!

She needed to be escorted off

the stage because the crowd thought

that she was Shania Twain.'

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